As Altrusan Chris Haney said in her toast to our 60 years of service, “In my 85 years of life I have been called many things; but the thing I am most proud of is being called an Altrusan!”

Chris Haney, Center, Offering Her Toast

On May 14th, Altrusa St. Augustine held a luncheon celebrating its 60 years of service to the community. Our club was organized in 1959 as an extension of the Jacksonville club; and, was chartered in 1962.

Our Charter

Roxanne Horvath, City of St. Augustine Commissioner and former Altrusan, presented the club with a Proclamation from the city in honor of our years of service.

Altrusan Vicki Sellner Accepting Proclamation from Roxanne Horvath

Our Co-President, Louise Bowman, was recognized for her 44 years as a member of our club. Louise reminisced about many things that happened during those years; but of particular note she said was the mentorship she received from the members as a 27 year old new member.

Altrusans Vicki Sellner and Louise Bowman

Chris Plant, our club archivist, told many stories about our club through the years. She mentioned the historic Llambias House which the club managed for many years; the creation of St. Francis Park from a sandlot in downtown St. Augustine; the flying of the American flags on the Bridge of Lions; and the 4,000 fruit cakes sold as a fundraiser.

Chris Plant

We were honored to have Dimple Overstreet, District Three Governor-Elect; and, Beverly Hardy, Immediate Past President of Altrusa International join us in our celebration. Both Dimple and Beverly complimented our club on our commitment to our community and how much they enjoy coming to visit us.

                                     Beverly Hardy                       Dimple Overstreet

Happy 60th Altrusa International of St. Augustine